Welcome to my Humanities Commons web page. I'm currently an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholar in the University College Dublin School of Philosophy.

My research falls within the tradition of critical disability studies, while also incorporating twentieth-century continental philosophy, philosophy of biology, and philosophy of technology. My PhD focuses upon the ontology of impairment. It criticises various positions (including critical realist disability studies) that take impairment for a brute, natural phenomenon, and outlines various practices and processes by which impairment gets assigned this putatively objective status. At the same time, it rejects strong discursive explanations of impairment for a position that builds upon postphenomenology and Actor-Network-Theory. It also examines how practices that situate impairment—and the body more generally—as a brute natural objectivity are involved in the production of the organising concept of 'the human', including specification of what are taken for essential human characteristics. Through criticism of these notions of the human and of impairment, it develops alternative descriptions of both (human) embodiment and disability. This leads into ethical considerations: I finally consider implications for health (including its relationship with bodily atypicality), and what constitutes a good life.

As it stands, this website is simply a place where I will share some unpolished drafts from conference and workshop presentations. It will be updated more frequently during the coming months.

You can contact me here.

Photograph of Jonathan Paul Mitchell speaking at a workshop